Life Fund

Life Fund is an alternative investment fund focusing on U.S. Life Settlements. The Fund acquires U.S. life insurance policies through the regulated secondary market and holds a diverse portfolio of policies, varying by face value, age, gender and impairment. Guardian Management, as manager to Life Fund, utilises advanced actuarial analysis with substantial stress testing to measure risk and return. Life Fund holds and trades life policies when appropriate, to ensure portfolio optimisation. The valuation methodology is verified quarterly by Deloitte and Touche to ensure consistency.

Fund Highlights

  • The Fund uses tried and tested investment strategies developed over 15 years to achieve returns uncorrelated to traditional asset classes.
  • Life Fund provides an uncorrelated return to traditional financial markets such as equities, real estate, commodities, currencies and interest rates.
  • The returns of the Fund demonstrate a low volatility due to the nature of the underlying insurance-based asset.

Our Expertise

  • The investment team are pioneers in Life Settlements with over 20 years’ experience in the industry.
    1. Experts in U.S. Life policies with established long term relationships with policy sourcing.
    2. Has created a workable U.S. Withholding Tax solutions for global investors into this asset class.
    3. The investment team have established Irish E.U. regulated Fund structure with clear and transparent Fund reporting for a straightforward investment process.
  • The investment team at Guardian Management are specialists in producing proprietary valuation models and techniques managing insurance linked funds such as Life Fund.
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